Our Story

Empowering travels is an online travel agency that offers trips that “empower”, these being the sum of different types of tourism that seek progressive change inwards and outwards.

With its product, it tries to get the best out of and empower each part of a trip involved: workers, travellers, hosts, nature, the place, local people, women …, in other words, it strikes a balance between the environment, the hosts and the person who travels.

Our motivation

Empowering Travels

Empowering Travels is motivated by a passion for a multifaceted world that holds great secrets, to take advantage of the ability of tourism to contribute to progressive social change, that is, the one that makes things progress, and with the will to give response to a growing search for spiritual connection with oneself and with the environment.

Our philosophy


To define empowerment in tourism, we’ve chosen an explanation elaborated in the article Empowerment in Tourism: A Review of Peer-reviewed Literature has been chosen, which defines it as 
“a multidimensional, context-dependent and dynamic process that provides humans, individually or collectively , greater capacity for action, freedom and resources to improve their quality of life based on their commitment to the phenomenon of tourism. “

Sustainable Tourism

These are trips in which the local community is autonomous and manages tourism. Includes coexistence and accommodation services in the communities.

Community Tourism

They are trips that are made giving optimal use of environmental resources (natural resources and biological diversity). They also respect the socio-cultural authenticity of the host communities.

Conscious Tourism

They are tourist experiences that facilitate the balance between physical well-being, emotional health and the spiritual peace of conscious travellers.

Energetic Tourism

Generation of experiences and consumption linked to universal spirituality. Includes visit of native peoples, forms of oriental spirituality, connection with nature, transcendental search …

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